Artifice® for Recruiters 

Complete end to end control 

Artifice® provides the platform with which hirers and employers can ensure effective "end to end" transparent supply chain control. Artifice® gives you full management and control of all agency worker bookings, automated cost control and purchase reconciliation and ensures that your temporary work agency(s) maintain a compliant workforce. 

Visibility of all costs 

The Agency Worker Regulations 2010 means that agency workers are entitled to the same basic terms and conditions of employment including "pay" as your full time comparator worker in the same job, after 12 weeks working on assignment for the same hirer. You will probably want to make sure that your agency workers are getting treated fairly but how will you know? Well Artifice® will give you total visibility of all cost allowing you to control pay & charge rates and margins. Artifice® will automatically calculate your temporary worker costs "real-time" allowing you to reduce your administration cost while you stay in control. 
Artifice® will provide automated control regardless of whether your suppliers operate pay/pay parity or Pay Between Assignment (PBA) supply model. 
"In-house staff banks" are out of scope of AWR and Artifice® provides the perfect tool for you to establish, manage and control your own bank of flexible workers including any "top up" agency labour that you may wish to procure. 

Cloud Technology 

Artifice® is cloud technology and will allow your company to maintain a central database that can control recruitment, work/job scheduling, resource allocation & confirmation, automate time and attendance, automate payroll and purchase reconciliation ensuring absolute control of your entire flexible workforce no matter how many locations / sites you operate. Artifice® is the ultimate forward planning solution for managing your temporary labour recruitment needs. 
Increase your profit 
Artifice® will allow your company to quickly and easily increase profit with improved control, compliance, service, quality and reliability. 
Automated cost control 
Our sophisticated programming will ensure compliant payroll management for all temps supplied the multi- tier rate structure facility will allow you to set up and manage complex pay and charge rate structure for your temps and those of any second tiers supplied temps that you may also use. 
Your company can have access to real time management information and supplier / worker KPI data including individual worker / supplier performance and productivity. 
Your chosen agency suppliers can even have access to your platform via the supplier web portal. 
Ensure compliance 
Artifice® will automatically track every agency worker for AWR & WTD purposes. The system will monitor assignments by worker and by site and it will apply day one pay and week12 parity rates as and when required. Artifice® will give automated AWR compliance and cost control without your company having to worry. You will also be able to set up sophisticated charge/pay rate structures so you can effectively minimise any potential AWR cost impact. 
Establish, develop and expand your internal staff bank 
Being a full HR system Artifice® will enable you to establish and develop your own internal staff bank. You can recruit and manage your own flexible workforce and reduce your cost by removing agency margin. Artifice® will also ensure that pay roll for your own flexible workforce is automated because both agency workers and your own staff will be monitored using our on-site smart box. 
Establishing your own internal staff bank will mean that you can remove agency margin and significantly reduce your costs. 
Generate additional revenue 
You can use Artifice® to generate significant additional revenue for your company. To find our more contact one of our consultants to arrange a meeting so we can demonstrate how. 
Data can easily be exported to your preferred payroll and accounting systems to ensure the seamless integration. 
Control temporary labour supply and cost 
Artifice® will enable you to easily manage and control all of your agency labour supply no matter how many suppliers you have. Most neutral & master vendors only allow you to use agencies that appear on their panel supplier list. Your central management will have a system designed to effectively manage and control its own preferred supplier list while allowing local management to control day to day supply arrangements. 
Temporary labour bookings can easily be input onto Artifice® by your staff and our on-site time and attendance technology will automatically control your cost and supplier purchase reconciliation process giving you real-time reports. Your company can significantly reduce administration costs by using Artifice®. 
Cloud technology 
Artifice® is cloud technology so there is no need to outlay any major investment in installation and licencing costs. 
Real-time management information & KPI's 
Your company can have access to real time management information and supplier / worker KPI data. Your company can use the system to report on supplier performance and indeed even monitor individual worker performance and productivity. 
Artifice is a solution designed & developed by combining recruitment and IT expertise. So we understand exactly what is required to manage and control your temporary labour workforce. We can provide you with trained recruitment consultants to help you ensure effective co-ordination and control your temporary labour resource. 

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