Why Artifice®? 

The word comes from Late Middle English (in the sense of ‘workmanship’): from Old French, from Latin artificium, based on ars, art- ‘art’ + facere ‘to make’ and means a clever trick or stratagem, ingenuity and inventiveness. 
Does your organisation hire large numbers of workers on a regular basis? 
Do you want complete control, transparency and compliance? 
Would you like to make significant savings on your employment costs? 
Would you like to become more profitable and productive? 

You Need Artifice® 

Artifice® is a powerful solution for any organisation hiring large volumes of temporary or contract labour. 

What is Artifice®? 

Artifice is a cloud-based interactive recruitment and HR management solution. Features include: 
End-to-end control, compliance and transparency from candidate selection to finance 
Powerful real time cost and KPI reporting 
Capable of handling massive databases of candidates: users can select any type of 
temp or permanent worker with the same efficiency and without expert knowledge 
Users can work remotely, ensuring maximum productivity. 

Why Artifice®? 

Artifice® will increase your organisation's profitability, reduce costs, while improving quality, service, efficiency and reliability. 
Artifice® is tried and tested in many recrutiment sectors, from the House of Commons to the NHS. 
Find out how much you could save or request a demonstration of Artifice®. 
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